Chemical Cleaning
At Water Service Professionals, we have considerable expertise at utilizing the appropriate chemical cleaners to have your water filtration plant operating at maximum efficiency.

We know that chemicals are an important part of your water filtration process. The coagulants you add to the water remove the solids that are contaminating it. Our team takes chemical cleaning a step beyond this.

It’s important to realize that your plant’s equipment can’t be fully effective unless its components are also cleaned regularly. We can perform cost-effective chemical cleaning of your filters, tanks and pipes. This has the effect of reducing the amount of chlorine required to clean water and wastewater, and it will also diminish the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs). Our cleaners are so thorough that they will remove organic and inorganic deposits in your filters, tanks and pipes, so you’ll be getting optimized filtration from your existing plant equipment.

Our Work in Progress