Filter Inspections

Your water filtration plant has a large investment in filtering equipment, and you want to do your best to cost-effectively protect it. Our team at Water Service Professionals has worked for public and private utilities and for various industries and contractors. We conduct routine filter inspections that give you valuable information about the condition of your filters while also giving you insight into the effectiveness of your backwash. This information will help to prepare you for any questions during Filter Plant Performance Evaluations (FPPE) conducted by your state’s water regulatory authority.

We know that your filters are an important asset to your utility or company, so we ensure that our filter inspections are thorough. These inspections include floc retention analysis, backwash turbidity analysis, and bed expansion and fluidization measurement just to name a few. We also have photography available during our inspection auxiliary wash evaluation.

At Water Service Professionals, we follow the highest standards in checking out your water filtration equipment. We have years of experience and have conducted filter inspections from California to Maine. Our inspections will be an integral part of your filter asset management plan to ensure your equipment lasts and performs optimally for as long as possible.

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