Pilot Studies

At Water Service Professionals, we have excelled at providing client-focused solutions to problems faced by water and wastewater treatment facilities. Over our nearly quarter of a century in business, conducting water filtration plant filter inspections and assisting with filter asset management has been and still is a big part of our business. However, we also do independent, third-party evaluations of water filtration processes through our pilot studies. By developing and implementing water treatment process piloting studies for utilities, consulting engineers and treatment system manufacturers, we provide them with valuable information.

Because of our experience in the water and wastewater filtration field, we have the knowledge, and testing and laboratory equipment needed to accurately assess treatment methods. In addition to doing pilot studies directly for utilities, we also work with consulting engineers and vendors. By providing them with third-party testing, we can strengthen their filtration product recommendations to clients.

If you are a public or private utility or an engineer or vendor in this field, you should not underestimate the value of our piloting studies to ensure you are going with the best filtration method possible. By leveraging our knowledge from years in this business, you can arm yourself with all the information necessary to make the best possible decision.

Our Work in Progress